Solène has a genuine passion for teaching and has been giving lessons for 15 years privately and to groups in France and England. She taught in schools such as Espace Icare (Issy les Moulineaux), L’usine à Chapeaux (Rambouillet), Acadomia Universal Musique (Paris), Music Live (Châtillon), Theater Train (Reading).

She begins music at a very young age with her parents. She is brought to classical music with her mother who is a classical pianist and to jazz, rock and roll and soul music with her father who is a double bass player. She studies flute during ten years, and at 16 years old, she joins the school Forum du Mouvement in Paris where she is trained in dance, musical, theater and singing.

After graduating at the the Bill Evans Piano Academy, where she studies jazz singing  and jazz piano, she joins a classical harmony and writing class at the Conservatory of Issy Les Moulineaux. Two years later, Solène joins the Conservatory of Cachan and graduates in jazz music (jazz singing, harmony, big band arrangement, jazz history).

At the same time, she plays in Paris with her jazz band for a few years and at 25 years old, she decides to compose her own music. She launches her first pop-soul album of four original songs in 2013, which receives a warm welcome from the public, and tours in France and the UK. She recently released a second EP, “The Other Shore” which is part of the roaster of many French radios.