Solène practiced yoga for 8 years before deciding to make it her life and career. After trying different styles with many teachers, she enrolled in a Hatha 200 hours teacher training with Surinder Singh at Swasti Yoga. Her learning experience in India tremendously deepened her practice, physically and philosophically. Solène then got certified as a Prenatal/Postnatal yoga teacher with Sally Parks, and got trained in Women’s health in yoga. 

While being passionate about anatomy and movement, Solène will always bring the philosophical aspects of yoga into her classes. She teaches Hatha flow, focusing on finding the balance between stability and mobility with traditional postures, flowing with the breath from one asana to the other. Solène will make sure to adjust to your needs and capabilities, guiding you in your practice.

 « Because I have suffered from so many injuries, I am passionate about the anatomical aspect of yoga. But yoga is so much more than just a physical activity. Everyday, I feel calmer and more aligned, stronger and more grounded. I love a challenging practice for myself but I will always tailor my sequences for my students, offering modifications when needs be, to make sure that everyone gets all the benefits of the class. Having been trained as a prenatal/postnatal teacher and in Women’s health, it has shifted my approach to a more self-caring yet challenging practice. »