Teaching Philosophy

Discover your voice, build your confidence, train your ear, breathe, singing should be a pleasure and a physical comfort. I strive to make lessons fun and enjoyable for both children and adults, while giving each student the foundation to reach their potential.

Whether you are a beginner, advanced amateur or futur pro, highlight your assets and fill your skills gaps thanks to personalized lessons. We will aim to develop your natural voice, always aiming to sing in most relaxed way. We will always keep in mind that any sound can be produced in a healthy way.

During a one hour lesson, we will work on vocal technique with exercices which will help you to understand and control your voice.

  • Abdominal breathing, support, posture
  • Understand how the larynx and vocal chords work
  • Strengthen your voice
  • Use the resonators
  • Extend your range – explore/strengthen your different bridges
  • Tone

Then, we will work on a song to apply technique, develop your musicality and interpretation.

I will play along on the piano during the lesson and make sure we work in your range. We can work on any type of contemporary music.